What is 3D City?

3D City is an online virtual world that can be used on ANY site that has members.

All you have to do is to puchase 3D City software, and we will install it for you seamlessly. You will have one more menu item - 3D City.

Latest news

Second Location Finished

We proudly announce that we have finished modelling and programming The Street. Now you can not only sit in the bar but also stroll around the 3D City: in the park, along the streets.

Managed to Compress The Bar

We could compress The Bar location, so now it is a little more than 1 MB. Loading will be faster and more pleasant. We were able to do it because of some interesting texture technology.

Online Virtual World with Real People

3d City 3d Chat World 3d Chat Software

Your member comes to the site, logs in as usual and then see a new menu item, you can call it 3D City or Virtual World, does not matter. He clicks the link and another browser window opens. At the same time the browser loads the player and the environment itself. After the virtual world has been downloaded the user comes to the 3D City, without having to log in. He will have his actual login info working in the 3D environment also.

The 3D engine decides which settings to use depending on the user's PC characteristics automatically. The user walks in the streets, sits in the bar, chats with other members, makes friends and enjoys.

While being in the City, the user can use the other pages of your site. This module of your site will bring more thankful visitors than any webcam chat software.

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